Why Your Best Option May Be to Lease an ATM Machine - GoldStar ATM

In the past, owning an ATM machine was unthinkable, because the price of purchasing one was so high. But now, the price has actually dropped from around $5000 to about $2000 to $3000 per machine. Back then, businesses were mostly leasing ATMs because they realized how important having one inside their business was and that it was the best option for their business needs.

For some business owners, the upfront cost of an ATM machine is still high, this why we offer the option to lease an ATM machine.

If you visit the Lease an ATM page on our our site, you can find more information about the benefits of leasing, and how it maybe the best choice for your business.

In summary, these are the benefits of deciding to lease an ATM machine:

  • Your lease payment is always the same. This allows for predictability when you are determining your budget.
  • Your expenses are cash deductible.
  • You will recoup your expenses each month from your ATM operating commission.

Earn Extra Income

If you cannot afford to buy an ATM machine, consider leasing, so that you can still earn additional income.

Local ATMs Sales, Service & RepairAlthough you will enjoy earning commission from your ATM, the true benefit of having an ATM inside your business is increased customer satisfaction.

ATMs are really necessary for a business for the convenience of your customer. Customers want to be able to have access to cash when they need it, and as quickly as possible.

An ATM alone is not the only thing you need once you decide to invest in one. You will also need to work with an ATM company that is local  and can get a service technician to your location as quickly as possible if your ATM machine goes out of service.

In addition to service and repair services, you will also need processing. Working with a local ATM company will save you the time of having to deal with banks. We are part of a industry and network to ensure that your ATM has sufficient cash.

GoldStar ATM works with a myriad of businesses, such as stadiums, bars, speedways, retail stores, supermarkets, convention centers, airports, movie theaters, restaurants, resorts, lounges, amusement parks, bowling alleys, nightclubs, zoos, pool halls, grocery stores, liquor stores, truck stops, aquariums, hotels, laundromats, pawn shops, gas stations, gentlemen’s clubs, casinos, country clubs, shopping malls, event facilities, hospitals, convenience stores, college dorms, condos and apartments… and the list goes on.

So do not hesitate calling us at (503) 406-1880, to lease your ATM machine, and start earning your passive income.

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