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Add revenue to your business with a GoldStar ATM

Customers need cash. By providing an ATM for your business you’re not only increasing loyalty to your establishment, you can increase foot traffic, in-store spending, and annual profits. Restaurants, Casinos, Convenience Stores, and Hotels are prime industries for in-house ATMs.


When customers have cash, they are likely to spend it. By adding an ATM to your restaurant, your customers will readily spend more on food, drinks, and tips.


In a casino, cash is king. By providing in-house ATMS for guests, casino owners help ensure that guests will spend more on gambling, food, and entertainment.

Convenience Stores

Convenience stores are a billion dollar industry. Store owners who have an in-house ATM can increase their foot traffic and annual in-store sales numbers.


Travelers need cash for tipping, public transportation, and a myriad of other expenditures. An in-house ATM provides convenience to guests while at the same time increasing a hotel’s bottom line.


Currently, cash is the only accepted form of payment for marijuana dispensaries. In-house ATM machines allow customers to make purchases without having to struggle to find access to cash, resulting in increased sales and higher annual revenues.

Bars & Breweries

Bars and breweries that have an in-house ATM in their store often see an increase in annual sales and tipping.


Nightclub customers need access to cash to purchase drinks, food, and entertainment. Nightclubs and bars who provide an in-house ATM for their customers often see an uptick in revenues.

Shopping Malls

By providing mall customers with easy access to cash, shopping mall owners encourage spending, often resulting in increased foot traffic and purchases.

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