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ATM Tech Support

We understand the importance of having your ATM machine up and running at all times. Dependability is everything. So when there’s a problem with your ATM, you want to have it back up and running as quickly as possible – Goldstar ATM prides itself on service above all else. 

Please review our ATM Tech Support Video Library to see if the resolution to your issue is outlined here – or reach out to us by phone or using the form at the bottom of the page.

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ATM Tech Support Video Library

ATM Tech Support

Puloon Videos

Cleaning your ATM

Do you know how to safely clean your ATM? Don’t risk damaging your equipment by sanitizing improperly. GoldStar ATM has a straightforward cleaning video to keep everyone safe.

Communication Errors

Is your ATM showing a TSONO or HOST IP error? The issue could be resulting from a miscommunication to the ATM. GoldStar ATM has provided some simple steps you can take to resolve these problems.

Bill Jam

In the event that your cash dispenser unit has become jammed, GoldStar ATM has a thorough walk-through of the steps needed to solve this problem.

Print All Setup

Even the most difficult ATM issues can be resolved at your leisure. If an ATM issue occurs, your GoldStar ATM technician will ask you to perform a print-all setup.

Refill Receipt Paper

If your ATM is showing a Printer Heads Up Error, it could be a paper jam, or just be out of receipt paper. GoldStar ATM provides a clear tutorial on how to resolve this issue.

E Lock Combo

Sometimes you will need to change your electronic combination on your E Lock. When that happens, be sure to check out GoldStar ATM straightforward how-to video.

Test Your CDU

After you refill your cash cassette or resolve a bill jam, you will want to test your CDU to ensure that your ATM continues to run efficiently. Watch GoldStar ATM’s tutorial to learn how.

Printer Errors

Does your printer have an error message showing? There are a few possibilities that may be causing this to happen. GoldStar ATM provides an overview of possible issues.

CDS Update

Occasionally, you will need to manually update your ATM processor software. In this video, GoldStar ATM shows you how to update using Columbus Data Solutions (CDS).

Pull a Journal

This GoldStar ATM tutorial will detail how to navigate the electronic journal process if you need to pull a specific journal, or series of journals.

GenMega Videos

Cleaning your ATM

Don’t risk damaging your equipment by sanitizing improperly! Safely clean your GenMega ATM using GoldStar ATM’s straightforward cleaning video.

E Lock Battery

Your GenMega ATM electronic lock runs on batteries. Occasionally, you will need to replace the battery to keep your ATM running efficiently.

Pull a Journal

Do you need to pull a specific journal, or series of journals? GoldStar ATM demonstrates in detail how to navigate pulling up your electronic journal.

Refill Receipt Paper

It’s easy to refill your GenMega ATM printer paper! Follow GoldStar ATM’s simple instructions to get your ATM back up and running.

Add Cash

If you are supplying your ATM with cash, you will need to know how to manually refill it. Follow GoldStar ATM’s video instructions for all the details.

Journal Screen Overview

What are the various functions your ATM can perform? Watch GoldStar ATM’s easy-to-follow video when you need an explanation of your GenMega ATM Journal Screen.

E Lock Combo

When you need to change your electronic combination on your GenMega E-Lock. Check out GoldStar ATM straightforward how-to video.

Still Need ATM Tech Support from an ATM Technician?

Our customers have access to 24/7 tech support. While most of the time service calls can be resolved over the phone, occasionally service issues are more complex. If we are unable to fix your issue over the phone, we will send a field service technician to address the problem as soon as possible.  If you need service for your ATM, please fill out the form below, and one of our ATM experts will contact you promptly.


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