ATM FAQs – The Most Commonly Asked Questions about ATMs & the ATM Business:

1.    How can I benefit from having an ATM in my location?

Having an ATM machine helps you keep your customers in house, which means you can enjoy an increase in sales.  You can also reduce the amount of credit card processing fees from sales when you have an ATM in your location.

2.    How much will it cost?

When you choose a GoldStar ATM, you will never have to deal with any processing, transactions, or monthly fees.  In short, there are no hidden fees at all.  You only worry about the cost of your phone line, paper, and electricity to keep your ATM running.  You stock the cash, and you keep the transaction surcharge.

3.    What do I get when I purchase an ATM?

When you purchase a GoldStar ATM, you will get your ATM machine, no fee processing, free installation and shipping, and free online web reporting.  You’ll also get a lighted neon ATM sign at no charge to you.

4.    Will I make money with my ATM?

It might take a little while to start seeing revenue from your ATM machine, and your profits will depend on how much foot traffic you get to your location.  With a GoldStar ATM, you’ll receive a check with your summary statement on the 20th of each month.

5.    Will I have to load my own machine?

Once your ATM has been put into place, you will be taught how to load it with cash.  You will pull money from your bank account, and the funds will be replaced daily, except on weekends, which include Fridays.

6.    How much money will I make?

The amount of money you make will depend on how much business you get on average.  In most cases, about three to five percent of the business you get will use your ATM.  In some cases, you can see as much as $800 a month in your pocket.

7.    How safe will my ATM be?

In most cases, it will be up to you to protect your indoor ATM machine with your location security.  Outdoor ATM machines are armored and more secure than indoor ATMs.

8.    Can I rent an ATM for a special event?

Yes, GoldStar ATM is your choice for temporary event ATMs.  From logistics to transport and installation to removal when the event is finished, we are your one stop shop for event ATM rentals.

9.    Do I have to fill an ATM if you’ve placed it for free?

If we at GoldStar ATM have placed your machine for free, then we take care of all the filling and maintenance of your ATM.

10.   Do I have to fix and maintain my ATM?

If we have free ATM placement, we take care of 100% of the cost for maintenance and repairs of your machine.  However, if you have bought your ATM, then you are responsible for maintaining your machine.

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