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You need ATM Processing that gives you and your customers what they expect

You know that your customers want to enjoy ATM transactions that will have them in and out of your location quickly.

Downtime simply won’t work, and that’s why GoldStar ATM works with data centers that are fully redundant.

Redundancy helps ensure that your ATM will have consistently high uptimes.

GoldStar ATM connects directly to ATM networks around the country to eliminate the gateway or middleman.

GoldStar ATM ATMs

Safe Customers, Safe Processing

You also want to know that your customers and your machines are safe, and Goldstar ATM can help you to make sure that you get the ATM processing you really need.

So you can focus on selling your goods, services or wares to your customers, and your customers can get the cash they need when they need it.

Fast, Convenient, and Cutting Edge

Not only is GoldStar ATM constantly working to optimize the ATM communication protocols, they are also working to make the experience better for owners, merchants and customers.

With improved protocols that include:  Dial, TCP/IP, ISDN, Frame, Wireless and VSAT, merchants will be impressed with the overall uptime, and customers will keep coming back to their preferred ATM.

ATM Processing that really works can help you to increase your revenue and draw more customers to your business and your ATM and that means having an easier time meeting your bottom line.

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