Puloon SiriUs 2 Shell Unit


With its advanced capabilities, the Sirius II model offers top-tier functionality, featuring a variety of impressive features. These include the choice of incorporating a barcode reader and a 15″ high-resolution touchscreen display. To maximize volume, it can be equipped with up to four 2,000 note removable cassettes, accompanied by the options of shutter spray and presenter spray. Furthermore, the Sirius II model comes standard with a UL291 business hour safe and an e-lock, ensuring security. It also complies with ADA, EMV, and PCI standards to meet industry requirements.

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The impressive functionality of the Sirius II model includes the choice of a barcode reader and a 15″ screen that offers high resolution and a touch screen option. It is equipped with up to four 2,000 note removable cassettes, allowing for maximum volume, and provides shutter spray and presenter spray options. Additionally, it comes with a standard UL291 business hour safe, an e-lock, and is compliant with ADA, EMV, and PCI regulations.


The SiriUs II model stands out with its captivating metal keypads and pinpads, along with an EMV Dip card reader.


Ensuring reliability, the Sirius II model operates on the familiar and user-friendly Windows operating system. It can be connected via TCP/IP or dial-up, offering flexible connectivity options.