Why Do You Need to Invest in an ATM for Your Customers? - GoldStar ATM

Customers do not want to exit your store to find an ATM machine, return, and then complete their transaction. They would much prefer to find an ATM machine installed at your location. It is wise to offer your customers the ability to to withdraw cash fast in order to make their purchase. Without an in-house ATM, most likely customers will find another store that offers them the use of an ATM.

Here are a few reasons you should install an ATM at your store:

Convinces People to Spend More Money

Most people do not like to carry a large amount of money with them, nor do they like to use their credit card to make a purchase for fear of accumulating debt. Instead, they prefer using an ATM to withdraw cash quickly so that they can make a purchase. How does this benefit you? If you have an ATM installed in your store, customers are likely to spend more in-store via impulse purchases.

More People Will Visit Your Store

You want to increase footfall in your store. A quick and easy way to increase foot traffic is to invest in an ATM machine. You can market your ATM machine by putting up a sign on the door or window of your store to inform people passing by that you have an in-house ATM. You also may want to stock items that appeal to people coming in to use the ATM near the machine so that people can see them.

More Profit from Surcharges

Each time a person uses your ATM machine, they will have to pay a surcharge amount or a convenience fee. The more people use your ATM, the more money you will make.

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