There’s no denying the fact that an ATM machine opens multiple doors of opportunity for businesses. However, it is the placement of your ATM that counts when it comes to reaping its many benefits. If you want to generate increased revenues from your machines, here’s the right placement advice from the experts at Goldstar ATM:

Ø  Right Behind your Glass Window

Your ATM needs to be in front of your customers or it will not be used at all. In order to attract more people to your ATM, place it right behind the glass windows of your store. If you don’t have glass windows in your store, place it near the door so it is clearly visible to people walking past your shop.

Ø  Outside your Store

If you want more people to visit your ATM, you must place it in a visible spot like your storefront. This place is ideal for capturing audiences’ attention and maximizing foot traffic at your store.

Ø  Inside your Store in the Mall

Businesses with a store in the mall must place their machines inside. Although there are multiple ATM machines placed in malls, you must offer special service to your customers. By placing an ATM machine inside your store in the mall, you will reduce customer hassle and offer superior convenience to your customers. Your customers will be able to withdraw cash from inside the store without having to head out. When customers leave your store, there’s a high chance they are not going to return to purchase from you.

ATM placement matters as much as your advertisement placement. Therefore, make sure the place you choose to install your machine is easily accessible and visible.

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