Can You Start a Business with Just One ATM Machine? - GoldStar ATM

Can you make the impossible possible? Can you start a business with just one ATM machine or do you need more than one?

Is One ATM Enough to Make Money?

You don’t have to have more than one ATM to earn a steady stream of income. If the location of your business is in an area that attracts a lot of foot traffic, one ATM machine is enough to help you earn some extra money. You may feel that you could use more than one ATM machine as the foot traffic in your store increases. For right now, as you start off, one ATM machine will do what you want it do, which is to help you attract customers and make money while you do other things.

How Expensive is It to Get an ATM in the First Place?

How expensive an ATM machine is depends on the company you’re getting that ATM from. For instance, at GoldStar ATM, we offer customers different ways they can install an ATM machine in their store. Customers can purchase, lease, or rent an ATM, or become part of our free ATM replacement program. In fact, this makes it easier and cheaper for customers to have more than one ATM machine right from the beginning.

How Much Time Would I Need to Invest in Maintaining My ATM?

Maintaining one ATM machine can be challenging enough, but maintaining several will cause you to need to spend more time looking after the ATM, and less time on your store. At GoldStar ATM, even if you get one ATM machine, regardless of the plan you’re on, we can assure you that your ATM will not remain out of order for more than one day.

We will send someone the same day to fix your ATM machine. We offer round-the-clock service and repair, which we offer free of cost. If you get more than one ATM, you will not have to worry about spending money maintaining any of them.

Now, What Have You Decided?

Will you be installing an ATM machine? Remember, the number of ATMs you install in your store doesn’t matter. How you utilize the space is what matters in this instance.

Whether you receive a lot of foot traffic or not, you can increase your revenue with just one ATM machine. Later on if you want to install more, just let us know and we will deliver, install, and program it for you!

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