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ATM machines wouldn’t have existed if it wasn’t for these manufacturers who used their intellect to design ATM machines. Even though ATM machines have become more advanced, they wouldn’t have come this far if they did not have a model or an example to follow. Here are six notable ATM manufacturers behind the progression of ATMs:

1. Luther George Simjian

The late 1930s saw Luther George Simijian create a hole-in-the-wall ATM machine, which let users withdraw money directly from the ATM without ever having to step inside a bank. He managed to convince a reputable bank of that time to give his invention a try. Unfortunately for him, the bank informed him of the bad news — hardly anyone showed interest in using an ATM machine. A thought that is seems so far-fetched now.

2. John Shepherd-Barron

John Shepherd-Barron receives the credit for designing a 24/7 ATM machine. In the 1960s, he worked as the managing director of De La Rue Instruments. He presented his idea to 2,000 bankers at conference held in the United States and soon, his ATM machines made their way to the United Kingdom.

3. James Goodfellow

James Goodfellow came up with the idea to design an automatic cash dispenser when he was working as the development engineer at Smith Industries Ltd in 1965. He added a numerical keypad and a readable encrypted card to his ATM machine. The United Kingdom bought his ATM machines, installing them in multiple locations in the 60s and 70s.

4. Don Wetzel

Don Wetzel, together with George Chastain and Tom Barnes, borrowed five million dollars to create an ATM machine.

5. John D. White

John D. White designed an ATM machine also called a Credit Card Automatic Currency Dispenser in 1968 with the Rockville Center becoming the first site to install his ATM machine. His designed a free standing ATM machine, featuring a changing key that allowed users to change their pin code, similar to today’s ATMs. You can find free standing ATM machines at Goldstar ATM.

6. Jairus Larson

Jairus Larson is the inventor of the first online ATM machine. What was unique about his ATM machine was its ability to connect with the bank’s network.

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