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What is the Best ATM for a Shopping Mall?

Shopping mall customers like cash. Malls that place ATMs throughout their facility encourage guests to spend more on drinks, food, entertainment, and goods.

At GoldStar ATM, we understand that increasing sales depends on readily available cash for mall customers. That’s why we’ve created a Shopping Mall ATM Partnership and Placement Program. We’re ready to help you find the best ATM to meet your mall’s particular needs.

Buying an ATM

When you buy an ATM for your shopping mall from GoldStar, it means you outright own that ATM. As the sole owner of the ATM, you retain all of the transaction fees that are generated every time the ATM is used. GoldStar has the best selection of mall ATMs, including Puloon USA’s Sirius I ATM, which has a small footprint in addition to the most reliable cash dispenser and Puloon’s high-quality technology.

With offerings from Puloon, Hyosung, Genmega, Hantle, and more, GoldStar has kiosk and wall-mounted ATMs to fit every budget and every space. Our knowledgeable staff will help shopping malls identify the best ATMs to fit your unique needs.

ATM Placement

Some shopping mall owners don’t want the responsibility of owning or leasing an ATM. That’s not a problem! With GoldStar’s Shopping Mall ATM Placement Program, we’ll deliver, install, and maintain the ATM on behalf of the mall! Even better, the mall will receive a monthly payment from GoldStar for the use of the space within their mall.

And if mall owners decide that they’d like to purchase the ATM that has been placed in their facility, GoldStar will offer a fair market price for the machine.

It’s a win-win-win:

  • Free delivery and installation
  • Free maintenance and repairs
  • Monthly payment from GoldStar to increase revenues

Replacing Your Fleet

Does your shopping mall already have a fleet of ATMs? Ones that are worse for the wear and needing to be upgraded? Don’t lose out on customer loyalty because your ATMs are frequently out of service. GoldStar has knowledgeable sales staff who can walk you through the process of replacing your entire ATM fleet.


Leasing an ATM

Shopping malls that don’t currently have purchasing an ATM within their business plan have the option to lease an ATM. By leasing an ATM instead of purchasing, shopping malls will earn transaction fees while they’re making payments on the machine. Mall owners may also be eligible for a 60-day deferred financing agreement, allowing them to start earning cash before they even make a lease payment.

Malls enjoy three main benefits by leasing an ATM:

  1. Your lease payment is always the same. This allows for predictability when you are determining your budget.
  2. Your expenses are cash deductible.
  3. You will recoup your expenses each month from your ATM operating commission.

50/50 Shopping Mall Partnership

If a mall prefers to maintain some control over their ATMs, then the 50/50 Shopping Mall Partnership is a good bet. When a mall partners with GoldStar, we deliver, install, and maintain the ATM while the mall provides the cash supplies to fill it. And while GoldStar owns the machine, shopping malls will enjoy 50% of all revenue earned.

Shopping Mall ATM Services

In order to keep customers happy and readily able to withdraw cash, even the best shopping mall ATMs need regular maintenance and occasional service repair. GoldStar ATM is your local ATM service and repair company.

Our routine maintenance and service repair offerings include, but are not limited to:

Software upgrades

  • Cleaning of the card reader and dispenser
  • Firmware upgrades
  • Keypad repair
  • Printer repair
  • Power issues

FREE Shopping Mall ATM

GoldStar ATM will place a FREE ATM in your mall. The ATM will be great for:


Shopping Mall Guest Convenience


Solve Logistical Problems for Cash for Purchasing


Extra Revenue for the Mall

Keep the Cash Flowing with a Free ATM


Satisfy Possibility


Make Customers Happy


Stimulate More Traffic

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