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Never Worry About Vaulting Cash Again

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Never Worry About Vaulting Cash Again

How do you know how much cash your ATM needs? Too little and it sits idle. Too much and you run the risk of tying up valuable capital into your ATM. For a fee, GoldStar ATM will take care of vaulting your ATM for you. We will monitor your cash needs, handle all secure transportation, and vault your ATM so you can worry about running your business.

The History of U.S. Paper Money

Keep More Cash In Your Pocket

Sure, having someone vault your ATM is convenient, but it also cuts into your bottom line. Vaulting your own ATM ensures you keep all of the profits from having an ATM in your location. Just be sure to fill your ATM in a secure location, with no one else around, and monitor the outflow to ensure your machine is always functional.

Vault Your Own Cash and Save Money

If you’re renting, leasing, or using our Free ATM Placement Program, you can quickly and securely store your own cash in your ATM. Keep more of your profits by monitoring cash outflow and managing supply in your ATM.

Safely and Securely Vault Cash

For added convenience, consider letting GoldStar ATM vault your ATM for you. For a fee, you never have to worry about whether your ATM has enough cash, or if you are losing money by having an empty ATM in your location. Our experienced personnel will deliver timely cash to your ATM safely and securely.

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