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Maintain Cash Flow with Reliable ATMs

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Service & Repair

An out-of-service ATM affects your business by disrupting cash flow. Ensure your ATM’s uninterrupted operation with prompt maintenance to service or replace common faulty parts. Keep the cash flowing by contacting us immediately for assistance.

Event Rental

Missing an event ATM means missing out on revenue for you and your vendors. Cash accessibility increases customer spending, boosting sales and reducing credit card processing fees.

50/50 Partnership

GoldStar ATM provides the ATM, you provide the cash, and we split all the profits 50/50! This partnership works well for retailers who want to share the profits without the risk of investing in a new ATM.

ATM Placement

Get a free ATM in your business and earn monthly payments. GoldStar ATM covers all costs, including installation, machine purchase, service/repair, and receipt paper. Your customers have easy access to cash, boosting spending, while you pay nothing!

Lease an ATM

Leasing an ATM can be a fantastic option for you to get the latest ATM model, with all of its perks and benefits, without the upfront cost of an outright ATM purchase. Gain the same revenue opportunity, without the cost.

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