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Planning for Your Mobile Event

Summer is almost upon us, which means that all across America outdoor mobile events will be held in urban and rural settings alike. Most of these events will have dining options and other various items for purchase. While some vendors have the capacity to accept debit or credit cards, cash is still king at outdoor mobile events.

Having an ATM available at mobile events can result in more overall sales, because when customers have access to cash they spend that cash. ATM distributors, such as Goldstar ATM, offer mobile event ATM rentals, with service from start to finish. Goldstar will deliver, set up, and break down the mobile event ATM so that event planners can focus on what they need to.

Here are the Top 10 Mobile Events in Need of an ATM:

1. Farmers Markets

Farmers markets have been a staple of the summertime experience for decades. When the weather is nice and the crops are in, people flock to summertime farmers markets to purchase fresh, local fruit and vegetables, baked goods, clothing, and other sundries. Oftentimes vendors at farmers markets don’t have the capacity to accept credit or debit cards as payment. Having a mobile ATM at a farmers market ensures that customer purchases are handled with ease.

2. Food Truck Events

In the past 5 years, food trucks events have popped up in more and more urban and suburban settings. Neighborhood HOAs, community centers, and city residents have been organizing summer food truck events in greater numbers. Be it a weekly or a monthly occurrence, these events can draw quite the crowd. Considering that spending money on dining is the whole purpose of a food truck event, having a mobile ATM can greater optimize the need for cash. Since some food truck vendors don’t accept credit or debit cards, having a mobile event ATM on site will allow event goers to choose among all of the food trucks available, rather than just the ones that accept cards.

3. Beer Festivals

America is quickly becoming a mecca for locally-brewed beer. Many municipalities now have annual beer festivals to highlight the micro-brews in their region. From smaller, artisan beers to larger, more widely distributed beers, breweries attend these events to gain notoriety and celebrate the world of beer. Beer tastings, food vendors, and merchandise all require payment options, and many times they don’t accept cards. A mobile event ATM will allow customers to sample tastings from breweries, purchase a bite to eat, and buy that beer stein they’ve been eyeing.

4. Street Fairs

My small, suburban town has a street festival every month from May through September. There are local artists showcasing their work, food trucks to feed the crowd, beer and wine tents, and ice cream vendors, face painting, and balloon artists for the little ones. While some vendors and artists at local street fairs and festivals have the capability to accept credit card payments, many others do not. A mobile event ATM at a local street fair means more money spent on everything from a hand-blown glass bowl for Grandma’s birthday to a tricked out hot dog for dinner.

5. Concerts in the Park

Summer means outdoor music events. Who doesn’t love sitting out under the starry sky listening to some talented musicians showcasing their art? Concerts in the park happen all across America, whether it’s a touring music festival or the local symphony playing Pops in the Park. These events often have food and drink vendors and merchandise such as t-shirts and CDs for sale. And many of them require cash. A mobile ATM will allow concertgoers to pick up the latest album of their favorite A Capella group.

6. Parking Lot Carnivals

Small towns and urban shopping centers often have the attitude of go big or go home when it comes to summer parking lot carnivals. These events are a right of passage for teens and young kids who love to experience the Tilt-A-Whirl, try to win the big pink elephant at the ping-pong toss, and eat bacon wrapped ice cream. But to ride the rides and play the games you’ll likely need cash. Having a mobile event ATM on site will ensure that little Johnny gets to play the ring toss and eat a chocolate covered banana and cheesy fries.

7. School Fundraisers

We all know that schools these days have to do a lot of fundraising to get the capital they need to provide a well-rounded education for their students. In recent years, schools have gotten creative in their fundraising efforts. No longer are bake sales or selling Christmas wrapping paper the go-to fundraising efforts organized by Parent Teacher Associations (PTA). Larger-scale events are now frequently on the school calendar. From school carnivals to Monte Carlo nights to fancy galas, schools are doing everything they can to raise money for their kids. These mobile events most often don’t have the means to accept credit cards. Which means cash transactions are essential. PTA organizations would be smart to have a mobile event ATM available at their events. By doing so, more money will likely flow into the school’s spending coffers.

8. Flea Markets

There is no deal like a good deal. Pop-up flea and antique markets can be found in urban parking lots and small-town fair grounds. With so many different vendors available, cash is likely to hold the largest share of transactions. From buying the exact same New Kids on the Block sweatshirt they had when they were a kid to Bento Boxes for their work lunch box, customers will appreciate being able to access cash to complete their whimsical or other all-important purchases.

9. County Fairs

A quintessential summertime event of non-urban areas is the local county fair. These events showcase livestock, carnival rides, and Aunt Jenny’s award-winning rhubarb pie. County fairs can be easily summed up as Food, Family, and Fun. But since county fairs typically happen only once a year, the facilities they utilize don’t often have the infrastructure or need for a round-the-year ATM set up. Including a mobile event ATM setup at a county affair encourages people to spend more money on the goods available for purchase.

10. Christmas Markets

Not all mobile events happen in the summer. Long since established in Europe, Christmas markets have risen in popularity in the U.S. Artist booths, freshly baked treats, and hot cocoa create the perfect holiday atmosphere for would-be shoppers. Like their summertime festival counterparts, Christmas markets benefit greatly from incorporating a mobile event ATM in their midst for all those seeking to accomplish their Christmas or Hanukah list.

Is an ATM right for your event?

Event planners organizing mobile events from the smallest neighborhood street fair to a large, touring music festival all have one common goal, to earn money. By incorporating a mobile event ATM setup in their logistical planning, event planners are helping to ensure smooth financial transactions for all vendors, especially those who don’t have the ability to accept debit and credit cards. Mobile ATMs give customers greater access to making purchases, allowing for a larger take home amount for all vendors involved.

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