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Local ATMs – ATM Sales, Service & Repair in Oregon & Washington


A man in jeans, a navy short sleeve shirt, and a navy/black baseball cap, standing next to his outside ATM. The ATM is in a beige kiosk, the ATM itself is a Puloon Sirius 2.
When your ATM is down, your business suffers… why? Because the cash isn’t flowing! If you have an ATM but don’t immediately have someone to call, consider a quick maintenance so we can make sure your ATM stays in top shape by servicing or replacing the parts that go out the most – that way the cash keeps flowing. If your ATM is down now, call now or click here to request an ATM tech to your location ASAP!


A customized outdoor ATM kiosk. the body is a reflective black and "ATM" is painted in neon green vertically along the side and horizontally along the front. There are neon orange tassels hanging for user privacy and weather protection.
How about NO money down for an ATM in your bar, convenience store, restaurant or dispensary? Then you receive a monthly payment for the use of the space in your business. GoldStar ATM pays you and covers all of the charges that go with having your ATM installed, the purchase of the machine, service or repair, and paper for receipts for the life of the agreement. Your customers get the cash they need to spend more, and you pay nothing!


The words "Event Rental" are across the image in white. An ATM under a blue tent/stall setup outside. There is a bright red "ATM inside" sign and a smaller neon green "ATM" sign on the tent.
If you don’t have an ATM for your event, you could be losing out on a serious amount of revenue for you and your vendors. When customers of the event have access to cash, they are more likely to spend that cash, and that can boost sales and decrease the amount you have to pay in credit card processing fees. Not only will you be able to save money on processing credit cards, but you’ll also be free from the need to accept checks.
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