Security Innovations for Future ATMs - GoldStar ATM

Security is always top of mind for ATM designers and manufacturers. Many ATM companies are exploring and experimenting with options for contactless ATM solutions, such as allowing customers to type in a PIN number on a virtual keyboard so they don’t have to directly touch the ATM’s keyboard.

The Best Security Stops Crime Ahead of Time

There is also great interest in stopping security breaches before they happen. Paul Nicholls, director of business development for Oberthur Cash Protection, believes that one way to prevent ATM attacks is to implement intelligent banknote neutralization systems, which automatically ink banknotes when the ATM detects an explosion or some other type of attack.

Nichols suggests that this kind of system prevents criminals from using the stolen banknotes at different recyclers. Intelligent banknote neutralization can also use tools such as alarms to warn potential attackers that messing around with the ATM will cause the ink to disperse soon, effectively ruining any possible use of the cash.

This kind of ATM security can be turned off during the daytime so that ATM technicians are not in danger of activating the trigger and ruining the cash inside. It can also be used in conjunction with other safety measures, such as alarms and cameras.

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