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Goal: Schedule an EMV Audit

If you schedule an audit, you are entered into a raffle to win an EMV-compliant ATM

  • 1st Place EMV Compliant ATM
  • 2nd Place EMV Upgrade (up to $500)
  • 3rd Place – Free Paper for Life (when we do the processing)

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Use these forms as the ideal goals from your conversation…

Schedule An Appointment (In Person)

Warm Email Signup – When future customer gives you permission to stay in touch.

Site Analysis – For the customer that is ready to provide further information about their business location in hopes of qualifying for a Free ATM Placement.

Alternative Forms to Use

Use these forms if you have already determined the type of customer you are speaking with.

Free ATM Placement

Buy an ATM

Lease an ATM

Rent an ATM for Your Event


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