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Puloon SiriUs 1 Shell Unit


Introducing the Sirius I model, the compact powerhouse designed to fit perfectly in tight spaces that require efficient cash management. Measuring a mere 1’2″ x 1’10”, it stands as the smallest ATM in its class. Equipped with an eight-inch screen and the option for a touch screen interface, the Sirius I offers a user-friendly experience. It comes standard with essential features such as a UL291 business hour safe, an e-lock, and full compliance with ADA, EMV, and PCI standards. The Sirius I also includes a 1,000 note removable cassette as standard, providing a generous capacity to handle up to 8,000 notes. Experience the optimal blend of size, functionality, and security with the Sirius I ATM model.

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Compact Design

Featuring a compact design, our ATM sets the standard for size in its class, measuring at just 1’2″ x 1’10”. Retailers no longer need to stress about finding space for the SiriUs I model, as it can fit effortlessly in any location. This is particularly advantageous for retailers who evaluate profitability based on dollars per square foot.


The SiriUs I model is meticulously crafted using high-quality components, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and guaranteeing maximum uptime. From the durable metal function pinpads and keys to the carefully designed cabinet, the Puloon SiriUs I is synonymous with reliability.


With the SiriUs I model, you have the flexibility to choose between one and four 1K or 2K cassettes, providing a total cash handling capacity of up to 8K. This unrivaled cash throughput capability sets the SiriUs I apart in the market.

Timeless Durability

The inclusion of EMV and PCI 3.0 standards extends the lifespan of the machine by several years, offering a solution that withstands the test of time.


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