Hantle 1700W


Raising the Bar For Retail ATMs
The Hantle 1700W Retail ATM represents best-in-class performance, uncompromising value, and a confidence-inspiring design. The 1700W integrates high-end features including a 7″ High Resoution LCD, EMV Card Reader option, and TCP/IP communication with SSL.

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Full Description – Best in class, built on a platform that is flexible, modular and robust The new Hantle 1700w Retail ATM.


  • 7″ Color Display
  • Windows CE Operating System


  • 56k dial up modem
  • Ethernet TCP/IP and wireless compatibility

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Height : 56″
  • Width : 17″
  • Depth : 23″
  • Weight : 206 lbs


  • Encrypting Pin Pad
  • Dial Lock


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