Infographic: How To Prevent ATM Breakdown - GoldStar ATM

How To Prevent ATM Breakdown

Maintenance of your ATM is key to keeping your ATM machine functioning at optimal performance. If your ATM is not functioning properly it will have adverse affects on your customers and they will go elsewhere. With regular ATM maintenance you can avoid unhappy customers, loss of surcharge revenue, loss of reputation, customers moving to other places with reliable ATMs.

Controlling temperatures is important to keeping your ATM functioning at its best. Excessive heat or moisture can lessen the performance of your ATM machine, so be sure to avoid those conditions. Having your machine checked by an expert will drastically reduce downtime. Dirt and grease can be accumulated on the screen which can definitely affect the functionality of the sensor resulting in the ATM machine being less responsive.

Jams are usually caused by currency in bad condition. When sorting cash be sure to remove bills that are soggy or taped so they do not jam your ATM machine. In peak usage days, on holidays and weekends, be sure to load more cash before you get “low cash” status to avoid customer inconvenience.  Gold Star ATM provides local full-service ATM products, maintaining strong relationships with our business partners. It also provides expedient delivery and professional repair when you need it.


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