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Federal Holidays and Outdoor Events Are Money Making Events

If you are an American, or not, you probably celebrated 4th of July this past week. You may have attended a private party, or gone out to an outdoor event to watch the fireworks. Regardless of what you did, if you are a business owner, you may have noticed just how frivolously people were spending their cash.

As someone who works for the ATM industry, I was very observant of how people were spending their money, particularly the long line leading to ATM machines. In fact, I found myself using an ATM machine to withdraw cash in order to buy food. I felt as though I was being led by the frenzy; everyone was eating and drinking. I felt compelled to eat even though I may have not been feeling that hungry.

But ultimately, I was paying close attention to the vast amount of opportunities businesses had to earn revenue by being a part of the event.

Business Opportunity

If you’re planning to host an event sometime soon, you really have to take into consideration having an ATM at your event. We cannot stress enough how much businesses can benefit from having an event ATM.

Customers who have access to cash are more likely to spend it — which you probably noticed on the 4th of July celebration.

Think about it.

How many more vendors and how much bigger would your event be if businesses find out that they can make a lot of money from participating in the event. When vendors become interested in you, they are also more likely to advertise your event through various communication means which will result in more people attending and you earning even more money through ticket sales.

By having an ATM machine during your event, you could also be earning extra revenue through surcharge fees.


Not Having an ATM Machine at Your Event Can Hurt You

Not only will customers walk off because they have no means to buy food or drinks, but vendors may also be disappointed that they are not earning anything.

The main reason why cash is so important for a large outdoor event is that they are trying to avoid having to pay credit card processing fees for all the transactions that can take place during the event.

The 4th of July event I went to had close to 10,000 or more people. Imagine the fees that these vendors would have had to pay for credit card processing. This is why it is a smart choice to accept cash.

Buying tickets may be another issue.

Imagine how much you would have to pay in processing fees for people buying tickets with debit or credit cards.

mobile events vendors

Working with the Right Company

If you have already decided that you will have an ATM machine at your event, you’re probably wondering which company to work with.

I recommend working with us. Not that other companies are not adequate. But, you definitely want to work with a company that has the best machines, excellent service and repair, and technical support available when you need it.

We offer 24/7 support.

Call us now at 503-406-1880 to get a quote, or visit our mobile events page to find out how you can benefit from working with us.

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