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News has it that Krispy Kreme is making use of an ATM Machine to change the way it sells products to its customers. This news has excited many and even made news headlines. The article by New York Daily News states that the company is using the ATM machine for customers to make payments and then customers would get their donuts from a dispenser.

This is truly innovative; it gives the customer more control of the purchasing process and makes it much easier and quicker for Krispy Kreme to deliver their products. Customer focused businesses need to take note and follow suit.

Company’s have to find ways to stay ahead of the competition. Technology is the fastest way to transform your business.

ATMs Machines Are Excellent Tools for Companies Looking To Innovate

An ATM Machine would normally not be anything most businesses would think of first as a tool to introduce a new approach to doing business. But as is the case with Krispy Kreme, many other companies have already been utilizing ATM machines as tools for innovation.

In the same article about Krispy Kreme, it is stated that some cupcake company’s in major cities have already been using ATMs in this manner.

As an ATM service company, GoldStar ATM is excited to see that there are many possibilities with a simple ATM machine. We are passionate about ATMs and cannot wait until others begin to see how useful of machine this can be for their business.

We too keep an eye out for the best ATM machine models and trend. If your business is searching for solutions, creative ways to do business, and you need to find a reliable local ATM service company in Oregon and Washington, don’t hesitate to give us a call now.

Your business’s success is dependent on how quickly you adapt to this changing world. You do not want your customers to go elsewhere.

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