Infographic: How "Jackpotting" involves Cyber Thieves - GoldStar ATM

ATM Jackpotting or Logical Attacks

ATM jackpotting, also known as “logical attacks” can involve cyber thieves physically installing malware onto ATM machines, giving them control over how much money gets dispensed at any given time.  Disconnecting the dispenser from the PC core and attaching their own device then inserting a replacement hard disk with malware inside the PC core.

The ATM jackpotting originated first in Mexico in 2013.  It has been quickly spreading in other countries throughout Europe and Asia. Malware can target 20-60 ATMs at one time and can cause losses on a large scale! Malware can even be installed days before the actual crime occurs.  In the meantime, the ATM dispenses cash normally. This type of attach involves a separate dispenser attached to the ATM with the original one disconnected. The criminals hijack the EPP cables and send commands to dispense cash. Consumers should not be worried because these attacks cannot affect the consumers’ information or personal funds.

To prevent ATM jackpotting, monitor activities around the ATM with a surveillance camera, lock down the machine’s software to prevent other devices from being connected to the ATM, remove remote access capability from the machine and buy ATM machines from a trustworthy ATM provider like GoldStar ATM.


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