How to Prioritize Services During COVID-19 - GoldStar ATM

Over the past few months we have come to understand that everything has changed. The way we socialize with one another. The way we work. The way we move about our daily lives. All of these things have changed. Given the trajectory of the COVID-19 global pandemic, we have no idea as to when our lives will go back to “normal” – if ever. 

As a result, people are looking for ways to go about their lives, but in ways that are safe and support social distancing measures recommended by local and federal authorities.

One of the main ways that life has changed is in how we bank. In our desire to maintain social distancing, online and self-service banking (including the usage of ATMs) is becoming more and more popular.

For Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) this means an uptick in the necessity for servicing and even vaulting their ATMs. Therefore, in these times it is imperative that IADs work efficiently, both from a time and financial perspective. IADs will need to take into consideration whether they will handle the increased servicing needs on their own, or whether they can offload that responsibility to a third party.

Here are some considerations for IADs during this time:


With an increase in ATM usage, that means more and more cash is being withdrawn from ATM machines. In order to ensure that IADs are meeting their customers’ needs, ATMs may need to be vaulted on a more regular basis. As an IAD, are you able to take on this additional vaulting on your own or is it worth it to you to contract with a third-party business, such as GoldStar ATM, who can vault your ATMs for you?


Increased usage of an ATM may necessitate an increase in regular maintenance and servicing. IADs would be wise to partner with a service provider that can provide regular maintenance on ATMs as well as emergency tech support. GoldStar ATM has 24/7 ATM technical support available to provide repairs when you need them.

ATM Processing

The last thing your customers want is to wait and wait while their transaction processes. Your customers want to be in and out quickly. GoldStar ATM works with data centers that are fully redundant to cut downtime. Redundancy helps ensure that your ATM will have consistently high uptimes. GoldStar ATM connects directly to ATM networks around the country to eliminate the gateway or middleman.

By providing customers with fast service and reliable machinery, IADs are able to support this newly resurging way of banking that is becoming more and more popular. And in turn, they will reap the rewards of an increase in foot traffic to their machines, resulting in a boost in convenience fees and, ultimately, their bottom line.

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