How the Adoption of New Technology Led to These Amazing ATM Glitches? - GoldStar ATM

Even though ATM glitches are rare, they still happen and when they do, it can be quite funny. However, for people managing the ATM machine, it is no laughing matter. Just remember this — when someone falls or trips accidently, do you laugh?

You Do!

How is this any different then? The person managing the ATM machine is in stress about the ATM glitch while you are standing and laughing. Cruel, we know, but hey, it happens! However, there are some glitches that you think, “Glad, it happened!” Let’s let look at some of these amazing ATM glitches that occurred in the past:

ATMs Issue New Currency before the Date

Residents of Saint-Julien de Concelles, a small town in Paris, France, got the surprise of their life when they visited the ATM machine. Taking place in 2001, the glitch occurred at one of the locations of the Credit Mutuel bank.

The bank’s ATM machines awarded freshly minted euro notes to residents when they used the ATM ahead of January 1, 2001. Even though the ATM machines went offline shortly thereafter, it was too late, as retailers and post offices were already counting around 550 million Euro cash and 7 billion Euro coins. Oops!

ATMs Allow Users to Overdraw Their Accounts

In 2011, the Commonwealth Bank took a risk that backfired quickly. The bank was trying to fix a reported glitch, but while they were fixing the glitch, they did not shut down their ATMs and instead chose to place them in stand-in mode.

And that was the start of their problem. By placing their ATMs in stand-in mode, ATMs could not verify the remaining account balances in the user’s account. This allowed users to withdraw more cash than what was in their bank account.

The bank reported that did not know how much money people withdrew from their account. For the bank, this was clearly bad news, but for the users, it was a gift given to them unintentionally by the bank.

The Man Who Gambled Away More than $1.5 Million

Bank of America’s ATMs suffered a glitch and one man took advantage of it, but gambling away more than $1.5 million. The glitch allowed him to withdraw a lot of money from the ATM from August 1 to 18, 2012. Even though he got caught, he, at least, can say he had the time of his life…maybe!

Fortunately for you, if you buy ATMs from us, you will not have to worry about such glitches, as we take measures to ensure these types of glitches do not happen, at least not under our watch!

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