How To Handle Customer Complaints About Your ATM - GoldStar ATM

Placing an ATM at your store is not all that you need to do to start earning extra income for your business. In order to drive customers to your store, you must ensure that your ATM is working efficiently and offering premium service to your customers.

However, if you notice a drop in customer traffic at your ATM, find a way to get in touch with your customers.

Set Up a Helpline

The best way to ensure your ATMs are working optimally is to set up a customer helpline. The number of your helpline must be available at the machine so customers can get their issues resolved as soon as possible. Whether a customer’s card is stuck in the machine or the service is slow, your customers will be able to notify you right away so you can eradicate problems as soon as they occur.

Be Vigilant

If you want your ATM to be the most-used ATM in the area, make sure you monitor your ATM network 24/7. If that’s not possible for you, choose an ATM provider that offers ATM monitoring and tracking services. Such a company ensures that your ATMs are working optimally all the time. In case your ATM fails to function or requires maintenance, immediately report it to your service provider so they can send a technician for help.

Apologize for Inconvenience

Failing to offer the service that your customers expect from you results in customer displeasure. However, if you offer sincere apology to your customers for the inconvenience that they had to face, you will likely be able to retain them as customers. By reaching out to your customers and being honest with them, businesses can save themselves from losing a huge chunk of customers and income.

If you want your customers to stick to you for their cash needs, make sure you are handling their complaints well. The tips given above should help you retain customers and enhance customer satisfaction.

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