George Washington Quarter Shifts to the Right - GoldStar ATM

Since the first appearance of George Washington on the U.S. quarter, the likeness of the first President of the United States was that of a side profile facing left. The original likeness was designed by John Flanagan and included on the quarter in 1932. It has been in use on quarters since then. That is, until 2022.

American Women Quarters Program

As part of the American Women Quarters Program, a “four-year program that celebrates the accomplishments and contributions made by women to the development and history of our country,” the likeness of George Washington was switched from left facing to right facing.

This new depiction was originally submitted for use back in 1932, however Treasury Secretary at the time, Andrew W. Mellon, chose in face of Flanagan’s design. The right-facing design was sculpted by the renowned early 20th century sculptor, Laura Gardin Fraser, whose work can also be seen on the 1921 Alabama Centennial Half Dollar, the 1922 Grant Memorial Half Dollar and Gold Dollar, and the 1925 Fort Vancouver Centennial Half Dollar.

Switching the direction of the image seems to be following a trend in design. According to Fast Company, “​​Of the 62 Fortune 500 logos that can be said to be facing or moving laterally, 82% go right.”

So, I guess we can say that the new depiction is a step in the “right” direction.

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