Infographic: All You Need to Know About Bitcoin ATMs - GoldStar ATM

All You Need to Know About Bitcoin ATMs

Bitcoin kiosks allow for people to make profits like never before by investing in Bitcoin.  Cash can be inserted into an ATM or kiosk and be turned into international currency allowing for worldwide transactions simplifying the currency exchange and purchases desired across the globe, however, cash will always be king. A fiat ATM is always the best choice. Bitcoin will never replace cash currencies, as the government would never allow that. Bitcoin machines are one way transactions allow cash to be deposited into a wallet in exchange for Bitcoin international currency, more like a vending machine.

70% of Bitcoin kiosks are of this type, and are the most popular as they are easiest to use. The other type requires a high level of security clearance such as KYC/AML requirements like ID or palm scanning.


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