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At GoldStar ATM, we recognize the distinct and varying features of business tools to thrive.

GoldStar ATM offers 3 options in earning your revenues freely: ATM Purchase, ATM Lease and ATM Free Placement.

The GoldStar ATM Purchase is an investment that is sure to establish your business in the long run.

For the price of $1000, you contribute greatly to the future of your revenues.

Customers may feel more empowered to spend with the access of a very convenient cash source.

In turn, this lessens the trouble of the mutual credit/ debit process for the business owner and customers.

GoldStar ATM provides top of the line ATM machines made by the best manufacturers.

In this transaction, we oversee the whole set up process for the client’s ATM.

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The GoldStar ATM leasing alternative also makes this possible for clients who prefer a more cost-friendly option.

A client can reap the same benefits of owning their own ATM by paying a monthly fee of $69.

This is aimed at clients who are more focused in building their businesses’ initial solvency and liquidity.



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The free ATM placement service adapts a more comfortable option for news entrants in the business.

GoldStar ATM gives you the privilege of owning an ATM without the obligations of managing the hassle of the process and maintenance costs.

This is a lighter risk option that generates additional foot traffic and sales to your business.

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