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ATMs Can Do More Than Dispense Cash

ATMs, automatic teller machines, are still synonymous with cash. But now, one can begin to see that an ATM machine can be used to dispense any kind of item.

As a business owner, one needs to always be on the look out for what competitors and other industries are utilizing to give them a competitive advantage. ATMs are now becoming the new tools leading innovation in many industries.

Many business owners are beginning to catch onto the idea of using an ATM machine as a point of sale system that dispenses any item you can imagine.

Recently, a great idea that is actually impacting the lives of many is to use an ATM machine to dispense water, called the water ATM, in India.

Water ATM Dispenser Machine


How are Businesses in the U.S. Using ATMs Creatively

Recently we published an article about how Krispy Kreme is making use of an ATM machine as a dispenser for one of their specialty donuts.

Krispy Kreme is a U.S. business that is taking advantage of technology, and so can you.

Any business, regardless of the kind of product/service, can utilize an ATM creatively to transform their product delivery model, reduce overhead costs, and more.

Not only will your customer be happy about how quickly they can make an order and have their product ready for them, but they will also appreciate the thought put into making their lives a little easier.

Krispy Kreme ATM Dispenser

Can Local Businesses Afford To Order A Special ATM Machine?

Regardless of whether you want to infuse ATM machines into your business model or not, at some point your business will need to own an ATM machine.

As an ATM wholesale company we know that businesses benefit tremendously from having an ATM machine inside their establishment. ATMs bring in foot traffic to your store which may lead to higher sales volume.

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