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Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) have come a long way since their inception in 1967. No longer do they have rudimentary screens and software. ATMs today are sleek, technologically advanced pieces of machinery capable of completing complex transactions. 

Given the current global circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is imperative that ATM owners routinely clean high-touch areas of the ATM.

Here are the 5 main parts of an ATM and how to clean them:

Card Reader

The card reader is the starting point of an ATM. Once inserted into the machine, the card reader reads the account information that is stored in the card’s magnetic stripe that is found on the back side of the card holder’s debit or credit card. The data found in this strip is passed onto a host processor that interprets the information in order to retrieve the customer’s account information.

To clean the card reader, use a cleaning card to sanitize this part of the unit.


The keypad allows the customer to input their Personal Identification Number (PIN) and select what kind of transaction they would like to make. ATM keypads include Braille numbers so as to allow ATM access to all customers.

Regularly wipe down the keypad and Braille sections of the ATM with a cloth that has been dampened with a cleansing solution.

Display Screen

The display screen allows the customer to make selections in order to process and complete their transaction. 

To clean the display screen, wipe down the screen with a cloth slightly dampened with an appropriate cleaning solution. It is important not to use disinfectant wipes to clean the display screen as it may damage the screen.

Cash Dispenser

The cash dispenser distributes cash to customers who are utilizing the ATM to withdraw cash.

To clean the cash dispenser, wipe down the external fascia with a damp cloth. Then use condensed air to clean the sensors. Do not use liquid inside the CDU.

Receipt Printer

The receipt printer prints and dispenses a receipt of the customer’s transaction.

This area should be cleaned by wiping down the surrounding areas with a cloth dampened with a cleaning solution, and use a thermal printer cleaning card for internal cleaning.

By routinely cleaning your ATM, you will help to ensure the safety of your customers during the pandemic and long after it has been relegated to the history books.

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