3 Things You Are Getting Wrong About ATMs - GoldStar ATM

An Automated Teller Machine (ATM) is one of the most liked and popular robots that first launched almost five decades ago. These machines carry cash, offering people a chance to withdraw cash without having to head to the bank. Also known as on-the-go cash machines, ATMs are winners for customers and businesses alike.

However, there are many misconceptions about ATMs that prevent businesses from making the most of these profit-drivers.

Additional Expenses

Investing in an ATM doesn’t have to mean adding to your monthly expenses. Having an ATM machine at your store brings cash to your business in the form of commissions. And if you run a small business were every dollar coming in counts, there are ATM providers, like GoldStar ATM, who will install an ATM for free in your place of business. This means that you can start earning money from an ATM without having to pay hefty sums of money every month.

Costly Service and Repairs

This one is kind of tricky because the amount of money you spend on repair and maintenance of your ATM is directly proportional to the service provider you choose. If you choose a reliable ATM provider, you will not need to worry about your machine failing. An ATM provider like GoldStar ATM can fix errors in your ATMs without charging excessive amounts.

Customer Diversion

Many businesses believe that installing an ATM at their store will avert their customers’ interest from their brand. However, an ATM acts as an addition to your customer service. Even if people are just visiting your store to make use of your ATM, they are getting a glimpse of your products and services, boosting your brand exposure and reach. This means that an ATM machine never diverts customers away from your business, but attracts people from different target markets to your store.

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