3 Signs Of A Possible ATM Skimming Job - GoldStar ATM

Whether you are the customer or the business owner, you must be vigilant and careful when using ATMs. ATMs are a common target for scammers, skimmers, and thieves who are looking to get hold of your cash by making use of crackerjack tricks. If you want to protect your business and money from skimmers, take note of the following signs that reveal a possible ATM scam:

1. Card Slot Replicas

ATM skimmers make use of cunning techniques to tamper with ATM machines in such a way that it is unnoticeable. However, if you are at an ATM and the card slot seems bulky and rounder than usual, it might be due to a replicated slot machine installed over the real one by thieves in order to get hold of your credit card information.

2. Displaced Pin Pad

There are many ways to steal credit card information from customers through ATMs including a false keypad. Before using an ATM, make sure you check the keypad on the machine. If it seems displaced or loose, it means that it has been tampered with. ATM criminals usually place false keypads to capture card pin codes.

3. Fake Display

ATMs have digital displays that allow customers to touch the screen to pick desired options. However, many times ATM screens appear unusual and showcase static displays. These displays are placed over the real one to steal customers’ data. So, be careful when using ATMs. It is best to always use one ATM for cash transactions so you can catch the difference in screen in case it is tempered by criminals.

If you don’t want to fall for pesky criminal ATM scams, make sure you follow the aforementioned advice. You should also be careful while using ATMs and hide your pin from others in the line behind you.

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