3 Cities Charging the Highest ATM Fees - GoldStar ATM

In some cities around the United States, ATM fees are high and they keep getting higher. Most of the high fees are associated with bank-supplied ATM machines. Most customers would prefer ATM charges to be lower and more affordable, but how?

If you get an ATM machine for your store, one that is not supplied by the bank, but an independent ATM company, you can keep the surcharges low. Once word spreads around your area, you will likely receive considerable foot traffic. If you own a business in the following cities, you should definitely think about getting an ATM:

1. Phoenix, AZ

The average ATM fee in Phoenix, Arizona is $3.25! When you place an ATM machine in your store, you can set the ATM fees you want your customers to pay when they use their bank card. You can make it more affordable and even advertise it to passersby walking past your store.

2. Minneapolis, MN

The average ATM fee in Minneapolis, Minnesota is $3.19. The city, which is the United States second biggest economic hub and largest city of the state, serves as a business hub between Seattle and Boston. If you’re opening a store in the city or in the business district of the city, install an ATM machine at your store and lower the fees. By keeping lower fees than other stores, especially your competitors, you will attract more people to your store.

3. Houston, TX

The average ATM fee in Houston, Texas is $3.06! Houston has a huge population that could benefit from lower ATM charges. If you have a store in a crowded part of the city, you should install an ATM machine if you haven’t already. You will greatly benefit from it, as it will attract the crowd to your store, especially when more people become aware of the great ATM fees you’re charging.

If you’re searching for an independent ATM provider that allows you to set your own ATM surcharge fees, you’re looking for us!



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